Wedding Guest List Etiquette- who should be invited to wedding

As is known to all, planning a wedding is invariably a process of pains-taking and time-consuming. They are many details involved in the whole preparation and everything is supposed to be perfect since that the event is once-in-a-life thing and will anyway influence your future life in many ways.

Apart from the bigger parts like wedding dresses and wedding invitations, there are many other surprising details that may cause trouble to you. Wedding guest list is very hard to prepare and it takes you considerable time to take good consideration about everyone. Even arguments may arise between you and your soon-to-be spouse. Anyway, if you plan the guest list in a certain way, it will definitely save you much trouble and make the wedding planning much funnier.

One of the reasons we say that wedding guest list preparation is complicated is that the guests coming to your wedding is a combination of two different categories, be them friends or families. Hence, it is advisable to split the guest list, half for the groom’s side and the other for the bride’s side. It will largely release your pressure worrying about missing some of your significant guests.

Since wedding is an occasion symbolizing love and romance, it is understandable that many people want to witness the happiness even they are not your friends. Hence, you should make sure that whether your guests will bring friends with them. If they do, then it is necessary to send those guests invitations otherwise it will be awkward and embossing. Besides, if you are a person who is keen on making friends, it will be a big task for you to include everyone in the guest list.

Another group that you can never escape is the children. Actually, whether inviting a child depends on the family dynamic, your personal preference and of course the wedding styles. To be honest, with children attending your wedding, the atmosphere will definitely be much more casual and funnier and the memories and photos will be much eye-catching.

What’s more, it is a terrific opportunity to have a reunion with your families and friends. If you want to avoid troubles having children in the wedding, you should be ready to accept the fact that some of the guests may refuse attend your wedding simply because the lack of childcare if they leave home.

You should anyway order extra wedding invitations since you never know who will suddenly appear in the list. Everything is needed to be perfect to make the guests feel being respected. And with considerable efforts and time, you surely will have a great wedding.